Mistakes Were Made

Martin isn’t one of “my” Basquills, but it still frustrated me that I could not find the image for his birth registration. It was indexed by FamilySearch and the entry is available there and on Ancestry: volume 19, page 583.

The page has been indexed at irishgenealogy.ie. Like FamilySearch and Ancestry, the index says the entry is on page 583. It’s not, though. There is no Martin Baskfill on page 583. I had to page through, forward and backward, to find him, but I finally did. he’s on page 593. I submitted a correction to irishgenealogy.ie, but there’s no way to submit a correction to Ancestry. The best I could do was to leave a comment on the page and hope that anyone else frustrated by the missing entry will find it.

If there’s a way to submit record corrections at FamilySearch, I can’t find it, so that one will have to linger. I did at least do some clean up in the FamilySearch tree for this family. That was a hot mess. There were several duplicate entries, and it took me nearly an hour, but it’s done. And I attached the birth register index source at FamilySearch to Martin and added a warning that the page number is incorrect. Hopefully people will click through to view the tree entry for him, if they search for the birth register entry there.

Martin Baskfill

Martin Baskfill

Martin Baskfill
Ireland General Register Office, Health Service Executive, Civil Registration Service, Register of Births, volume 19: page 593, number 168, Martin Baskfill; digital image, “Register of Births, District of Westport, Union of Westport, County of Mayo,” IrishGenealogy.ie (https://www.irishgenealogy.ie/: 10 Sep 2017). Rec. Date: 17 Sep 2016.

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