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Did I mention that we had a lightning strike last weekend? It fried my modem, requiring a call to Comcast (I hate phones!) and a visit from a technician to install a new
modem, because our local service center no longer carries equipment.

And then I found that the Ethernet card on my computer had also been fried. I got a USB wireless adapter, for short term, but ordered a new Ethernet card from Amazon. That arrived today.

I turned on my computer, to uninstall the old Ethernet card, shut down, physically installed the new card, tried to tuen the computer back on, aaaaand bupkis. I think the motherboard is dead.

The food news is that the hard drive is probably fine, and if it isn’t, it’s pretty well backed up. I may lose some email and a couple of day’s worth of work, but that’s not the end of the world. Being temporarily computerless might be the end of the world, though!

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