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Samuel Thompson 1736-1794

This is a problem. I find a whole slew of trees, including the world tree at FamilySearch, that have Samuel (my many times great grandfather) attached as a son to Reuben James Thompson and Martha Chambers. James Thompson and Martha Chambers were Quakers who married in 1766 in Delaware Colony, as this family group sheet from FamilySearch would indicate.  There are marriage and will documents to support that. But at some point they migrated to Orange County, North Carolina. There is no indication that:
A) James was ever known by the name Reuben (maybe he was, but I haven’t found evidence of it yet), and 

B) that they had a son named Samuel (James’ will lists his other children, but no Samuel), and 

C) that James ever set foot in Georgia. How is Samuel born in Fayette County, Georgia in 1767? That area was Creek Indian territory. It was not taken by whites until the 1821 Georgia land lottery, so I am confident that it was 100% not settled by the newborn Samuel in 1767.

I don’t know what the answer is, but this is a hot mess. Did not one single person stop and question what they were importing into their family tree? As far as I can tell, the Thompson trail documentation goes cold at Samuel, and there is no evidence that he can be attached to James Thompson and Martha Chambers.


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