Hello, December

December Mushrooms

I saw these little guys growing on a mulberry tree stump, when I walked the dog this evening. Mushrooms. In December. Surely that’s a sign of the apocalypse?


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4 responses to “Hello, December

  1. Jackie

    We’ve got them growing in Montana – not on trees but in the grass. Very unusual! Love your boots.


  2. Thanks! I had to find snow boots for walking Thomas, before the weather got nasty.

    We’ve had weird toadstools and fungusy things growing lately. A friend’s dog died after eating some kind of wild fungus, so I’m paranoid about them and always on the lookout, after it’s rained.


  3. Jackie

    We almost lost little Moses about a month ago. He ate a mushroom/toadstool and was violently ill – very scary. He is pretty indiscriminate in terms of food so I have to really watch him. I just thought that particular danger was over for the season.


  4. Exactly! Who thinks they need to look out for evil toadstools after the weather turns cold? I’m glad Moses recovered. That’s scary as hell.


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