Will Thomas Eat It?

Waiting for bedtime. #dogs #boxerdog #timechange

Thomas is not impressed with the time change. He thinks we should go to bed early, anyway, but now he starts making hints even earlier. This was last night, but it’s not even 6pm yet tonight and he’s already starting to look askance at me.

Clementines #food #oranges #clementines

I’ve been sick all weekend with a sore throat, and now a full-blown cold. After three days of my throat hurting, it was actually a relief when the rest of the symptoms joined the party. I was starting to think I had strep throat. Aieee! But no, it’s just a boring cold. So I stopped at the store to get more Kleenex, meds, and clementines. Like ya’ do.

And of course, I had to see what Thomas thought of them. He spit out the first one, but then changed his mind and decided he really likes them.


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2 responses to “Will Thomas Eat It?

  1. Jackie

    My one dog loves grapefruit and grapefruit juice (I never give him much but he’d drink the entire glass).


    • I haven’t tried him on any other citrus yet, but I will. Harriet was hilarious with lemon wedges. She wouldn’t touch grapefruit, but my other dog at the time, Elliott, loved grapefruit.


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