Watching Paint Peel

Peeled Paint

Four years ago, the paint in my bathroom started falling off the walls in sheets. Good times! I assumed at the time, because of the way it peeled, that a former tenant had used oil-based paint on the walls, then maintenance folks slapped a coat of builder beige latex over it all before I moved in, not realizing they were painting over oil paint.

I called the management office, they sent painters, I told the painters my theory, painters said they would scrape and sand everything down, then skim coat the whole thing with mud, then paint, and it would all be fine. I was dubious that the mud would stick to whatever was on the walls any better than the latex paint had. But what to I know? I only have a college degree that says I know stuff about paint, right? But it was not my circus, and it was not my monkeys.

The painters scraped, sanded, skimmed, and painted.

And guess what? Within a couple of months, the paint was peeling again. Not as badly as the first time, but bad enough. I decided to ignore it, though, because my faith in the painters was non-existent.

Then, a few months ago, the city rental inspector did their every-five-years inspection of my apartment complex. She did not like the peeling paint, oh no, she didn’t. So we had another round with the painters (a new crew this time). I explained what had happened the first time, and that I thought the walls needed to be primed before painting. Head painter guy said yes, they would prime them.

Did they prime the walls? Oh no, they did not. So guess what started to happen, just a few weeks after they were painted?

All Photos-3869

I’ve called the office twice now, to tell them that the paint is peeling AGAIN. I thought they might want to know before the city inspector comes back to do a re-check. Eventually the re-check will happen, but I doubt the bathroom walls will be fixed.

(Oh, and don’t even get me started on the godawful mudding job they did. Look at those lumps!)

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