Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

There’s been a spate of goddess worshipping in one of my feminist groups. I tend to be turned off by that, but whatever. If some women need to feel like their ladybits are holy and magical, that’s their problem, right? But then, when I said that I wasn’t too interested in the contemporary, new agey spiritual appropriation of medieval “goddess” sculptures, I was scolded and told that my negative reaction was due to the fact that I’m uncomfortable with my vagina.

The entire exchange reminded me of the ancient and still thriving theory that women’s irrationality is caused by their ladybits. Specifically their wandering uteruses. Which then made me think of that famous quote from The Lord of the Rings. My point being, that if my uterus and I are wandering, it’s likely for good reason. We ladypeople are righteously angry about something. It’s not PMS. It’s not fear and loathing of our bodies. It’s a reasonable and rational response to the world we live in.

I mean, how could we not be pissed off?

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