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Hellenea Clark and Pamellia Barlow

Source: Lilly Library, Frank M. Hohenberger Photograph Collection – “Graves of Wm. Couper’s wives, Aug. 29, 1910, 10:30 a.m. She was/but words are wanting to say what/Think what a wife should be/and she was that/.”

I’m starting a fun project at work, adding metadata to a collection of old photographs by Frank M. Hohenberger. The bulk of the photos were taken in this area, so they’re of local historical interest. I couldn’t resist searching for cemeteries and graves, and when I did, this one jumped out at me. The “title” comes directly from Hohenberger’s journals, so we have only him to blame for the fact that William Couper‘s wives were only significant for the fact that they were married to him. They apparently did not merit their own names. And look at how young they were when they died! Hellenea was 28 and Pamellia just 23.

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