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Lee Brown Family

Brown / Marion Lee 1862-1930 / Lourena 1864-1930 / Paul 1901-1930

I took this photo at Lanam Ridge Cemetery in 2010. I wondered then how and why all three of them had died at the same time. Surely there was a story there?

Fast forward a few years, and by strange coincidence a coworker and I were drafted to work on a photo cataloging project, researching and adding subject metadata to a collection of historic photos taken by Frank Hohenberger, a local photographer. Within the collection was a group of photos of the investigation into the murders of the Lee Brown family of Brown County, Indiana.

Now, I wasn’t the one who was researching that particular set of photos. My coworker was. She messaged me and asked me to come over to her cubicle to look at something. While trying to figure out the story behind Chester Bunge and the Lee family murders, she found my photo of the Lee headstone at Findagrave.

So now I know (sort of) what happened to the Lee family and why they all died at the same time. They were murdered. (And part two, covering the coroner’s inquest.)

Source: Frank M. Hohenberger Photograph Collection – “Group at Brown murder scene”, Lilly Library, Indiana University