Iron Weed in Snow


We got a few inches of snow last night, so I awoke to a winter paradise. Any excuse to take pictures, right?

I take lots of landscape photographs. I live in a beautiful valley, so most are taken from my front door. I’ve got wonderful views to the east and west, so I’m able to get sunrises and sunsets, as well as storm fronts moving through and various types of clouds and cloud formations.







These are views to the east, taken from my front deck. The first was taken at sunset. I love the way light from the setting sun reflects off the top of the eastern ridge. The second photo was taken at sunrise, on a misty morning. The third was again taken at sunrise, after a hard frost. I love the way the sun makes all the icy bits sparkle and shimmer. The forth photo was taken after our first dusting of snow this winter, and the last two were taken this morning. The first five photos are all of the same view. The last one is of the back corner of the dog yard, where the snow on the raspberry canes was especially thick and pretty.

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