Happy Chickens

Well, I got home without the help of a boat. I’ve never seen flooding like this before, though. The lowly White River is girthy as the Mighty Mississip’, and it isn’t supposed to crest for another couple of days, at least. Not knowing if I’d be able to get back into town for the next few days, I stopped at the grocery store and bought veggies, pepsicokesodapop, and a few other necessities. I also picked up a cheap-o, uber-low-res digital camera, since my old one won’t play nicely with my new computer.

Putting away groceries meant that I had to clean out my fridge. I’ve been putting it off for awhile, dreading it, but today was The Day. That also meant that I had a ginormous sack of various goodies for the neighbors’ chickens. So, I took the goodies and my new toy camera next door. The care package was well recieved, as you can see.

For me, watching chickens is a bit like watching fish. They soothe me and make me feel all warm and happy. I love the little cooing and chirping vocalizations they make and the ruffly noises of their feathers. I took several pictures of them eating.

Happy Chickens

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