Flu Shot

Did my civic duty.  #flushot

I did my civic duty!

PSA: The flu vaccine isn’t perfect. They have to make an educated guess at which strains will be most common, long before flu season starts. They guess wrong sometimes. But even when they guess wrong, a flu shot may still give you partial immunity. True story: The last time I had flu, I also had gotten a flu shot. But I was only sick for a few days, and it was not horrible. Coworkers who did not get a flu shot were out sick for a couple of weeks, and one of them ended up with pneumonia. I don’t want that, so I get a flu shot.


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4 responses to “Flu Shot

  1. Aww. You got a nice glittery sticking plaster with your flu shot. Lol. When I got mine, I was sent on my way with a sore arm and no sympathy.

    Seriously though, I highly recommend the flu shot. I’ve had it for the past ten years now, and haven’t ailed much in all that time.

    I’ll probably be struck down with the dreaded man flu now, having been tainted with jealousy over your glittery arm 😂🤧


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