House Rules

Nice try, Thomas.

Someone in one of my dog groups asked what everyone’s house rules were. There were lots of detailed lists about not begging, being crate trained, and not getting on the furniture.

Mine are pretty simple:
1. Don’t eat the cats
2. Potty outside
3. Entertain me

That’s about it. We do other things, but the rest is all gravy.


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2 responses to “House Rules

  1. I love those but the potty outside is the FIRST one for one of mine. also I have PLEASE DON’T BARK WHEN THE PHONE RINGS. … I am not being successful with that one. My friends know it goes like this.. Hello, wait a minute.. TINTA sit down and be quiet!! NOW!!!!… Hello, sorry bout that…


    • Aaack! I hate barking. It’s a constant thing with Thomas, trying to explain to him that he doesn’t HAVE to bark at everything outside.

      I don’t want him peeing in the house, but eating a cat would be worse.

      And there are other things he knows (crate, off, come, sit, wait, don’t drag me down the street when we’re walking, etc.). I just don’t think of them as house rules. Some folks in that group had loooooong lists of commands. That’s awesome, but really? Those are your house rules???


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