Goodwill Haul

Goodwill Haul #thrifting #goodwill #books

I had another round of fasting bloodwork this morning. Ugh. I decided I needed some retail therapy afterward, so I went to Goodwill.

The store on my side of town moved and had their grand opening on Tuesday, so this was my first visit to the new location. It’s huge! Things are still a little jumbled, in the book section, but that’s okay. That didn’t slow me down much.

The big books on the bottom are full of illustrations that I’ll use for collage.

The little Laura Ingalls Wilder book is her journal of her and Almanzo’s move from De Smet, south Dakota, to Mansfield, Missouri, where they settled permanantly. I dont think it’s the entire journal (I’ve read it but don’t own it). It’s packaged for young readers, with a foreword by Rose Wilder, so I’m betting it’s pretty heavily edited. It has quite a few pictures I’ve bever seen, though, so I grabbed it up.

I also found a pair of Yaktrax for $5. Now I can walk Frances when there’s ice, withought killing myself.

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