This day. I just don’t even.

First, from the ACLU blog, if you’re a girl in Delhi, Louisiana and you are even suspected of being pregnant, you lose your rights to bodily autonomy and privacy. You must submit to a pregnancy test. If you refuse, you will be kicked out of school. If you take the test and are pregnant, you will be kicked out of school.

This, after a “quote in a box” image that circulated on Facebook over the weekend, stating that pregnant teens need an ass whipping. Because child abuse will solve EVERYTHING.

This world is not a safe place for women, and it’s an even less safe place for girls.

Second, this world is also not a safe place for brown people. My heart goes out to the Sikh community. I am sorry an entitled, racist, hate-filled white dude had access to guns. I’m sorry that racist news media has made a business out of spreading misinformation and intolerance, adding fuel to the fire of would-be terrorists like Wade Michael Page. I’m sorry.

Third, I’m sick to death of smug “christians” who insist that it’s Just Fine to hate the sin as long as they don’t hate the sinner. They frame it as “disagreeing with” homosexuality. As if it’s just a differing of opinions. They call it a “lifestyle choice.” As if being straight were a “lifestyle choice.” They claim that it’s possible to disagree with someone’s choices, but still love that person. Well, that’s bullshit, and it’s beneath contempt. Being gay is not a fashion choice. It’s not something you can just decide to stop being. It’s an integral, interwoven part of you. JUST LIKE BEING STRAIGHT is. So when you say that you hate homosexuality, you ARE, in fact, saying that you HATE gays. HATE. And last time I checked, Jesus said we should love our neighbors, not hate them. You can’t have it both ways.

Fourth, I’m pretty well over all the ignorant, bigoted assholes who think everyone is being a big meanypants to Chick-fil-a, just because the company’s president exercised his freedom of speech. “Waaah! You must tolerate our intolerance!” This was not about freedom of speech. This was about a company that funnels millions of dollars to hate groups like the Family Research Council and pray-away-the-gay groups like Exodus International. Why would anyone with a shred of human decency give a penny to them, knowing where that money is going to go? So fuck you, Dan Cathy, and fuck the horse you rode in on, and fuck all the hate-mongering “christians” who line up to eat your bigot chicken knowing full well that they’re supporting HATE.

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