At the Vet

At the Vet

Harriet went to the vet today. She’s been leaking again, despite being on Proin. The vet did blood work and urinalysis to rule out a UTI, diabetes, and kidney failure. He doesn’t think it’s Cushing’s syndrome, either, given her occasional bouts of having no appetite. We can do a more definitive test for that later, if we need to. His verdict is that she’s just got a floppy bladder. She’s an old lady dog, and that’s common. He recommended adding DES to her regimen.

She does have laryngeal paralysis. That’s not of immediate concern, but it’s something that’s going to progress. Eventually she’ll begin to have trouble breathing, and at some point we’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of tie-back surgery. He feels (and I tend to agree) that by the time surgery is necessary, it will likely only buy us a few months. At that point, it may be more humane just to put her to sleep. Hopefully that’ll be way down the road from now, though!

For now, she’s pretty healthy (leaky bladder aside), and she’s pretty happy, and that’s all I care about.

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