Cordpocalypse Revisited


Cordpocalypse was making the Baby Shelly cry, so I got a cheap-assed TV table from IKEA. The cables are still a mess, but the table is so low that you can’t see them unless you sit on the floor. Which I do not do. Problem solved!

So I think I’m done with that project. FINALLY.

(I’ll spare you the details of me hooking up the TV wrong. Ins go to outs and outs go to ins, which I know, but my brain went on strike about half way through rewiring everything. When I turned on the TV to test it, the picture was grainy. I screwed around for–I kid you not–two hours, thinking it was a bad cable. I swapped all of them out, and THEN I figured out what the problem was. Duh. And then, just as I got everything fixed, the main cable leading to the modem–the one that snakes aaaaaaaallllllll the way around the living room because some asshole decided to put the cable jack in the goddamn hallway–shorted out. No signal. BUPKIS. That meant a surprise trip to Target to buy another big ol’ hank of coax. Also, it meant ripping out the little clips along the baseboard that held the cable in place, rerunning the cable, and attaching more clips. FUN TIMES.

And yes, that was me sparing you the details. Believe it or not!)

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