Crankypantsing, Ahoy!

I’m sitting for Kidney Cat again. I made appointments, per the owner’s instructions, for sub-q fluids at his vet. So I get to today’s appointment, and they don’t have me down. Great. I don’t know if that office has always been this disorganized, or if this is something new, but it sure is a mess now.

I’d been considering switching my cats over there, since I’m there all the time and it’s close to my house. I think I’ll stay where I am, though.

Also, what is it with people with out-of-control dogs on Flexi leashes? They’re called RETRACTABLE leads for a reason. Reel in your little monster, pleaseandthanks. He belongs on the DOG side of the waiting room, not over on the cat side, shoving his face into a sick cat’s carrier and barkbarkbarking. I love dogs, but I really wish dog owners would understand that not everyone finds their precious Fluffy quite as charming as they do.

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