Old Dog

Miss Brown

Harriet has gotten squirrely about taking her Proin. It’s supposed to be tasty and chewable, and for months, I’ve been able to chuck the pill on top of her food, and she’d eat it that way. A couple of weeks ago, something changed, and unbeknownst to me, she started spitting them out. And then she started leaking. And then she started leaking A LOT. So I’ve been trying different ways to pill her without having to force feed them. I can do that, but twice a day for a fairly large pill is not terribly humane, I think.

So, I tried pill pockets. She spit out the pill and ate the pocket. I tried American cheese. She spit out the pill and ate the cheese. I tried Velveeta, thinking that if I molded it around the pill, it would work. She spit out the pill and ate the cheese. I tried coating it in peanut butter. She spit out the pill and licked it clean.

Plan B was to crush the pill, mix it with a little bit of canned food, then mix THAT with her kibble. Thankfully that seems to be acceptable to her, because she’s eating it, and for three days in a row we have had no leaking.

All this meant that I had to wash the couch cushions and their covers. After the cushions dried, I covered them with a waterproof mattress cover, then covered THAT with a (very ugly) cotton duvet cover. I figured that would make clean up easier if she leaked again. The only problem is that now it’s easy to shove the cushions off the couch, which is what she did yesterday. I came home to find her lying on the bare seat support. Today I found her wedged BEHIND the seat cushions.

Oldladydog is going to do as she damned well pleases, which I guess is how it should be.

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