The Sky Is Falling

I spent an hour in the basement, hiding from tornadoes. When I came upstairs, the sky was still doing impressive things.


Usually I’m the only one down there. This time, there was a young woman with her dog and toddler camped out on the other end of the basement. A little later, her husband joined them. I listened to them talking about the recent spate of pro-forced-birth legislation across the country. They discussed requiring women to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound before getting an abortion, and the husband said, “That’s battery!”

I hate storms and I hate being stuck in the basement, hiding from them, but it was nice to be reminded that there are reasonable people in this world and that some of them are my neighbors.

In other news, I ordered some cheap-assed glasses online. They’re leopard print. I’ll report back when I get them. (And seriously, I mean cheap. I paid US$11.90 for them.)

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