Sad Confession Time

I adore my new laptop, but I was starting to think maybe there was something wrong with the screen and I should take it back. Every time I touched the top part, above the function keys, the screen would dim. Hrmf! After spending the better part of the last two days getting all my software updated and all my data migrated, I was not looking forward to that. Not one little bit. And then I noticed that the screen dimmed when I held my hand above the keypad area. I wasn’t even touching the computer, so it couldn’t be a short in the wiring, right? I did a little searching online and found that this is actually a feature. There’s a sensor right above the keypad that tells the screen and the backlighting on the keyboard to dim themselves when the ambient light dims. DUH.

In other news, I went grocery shopping today. That may not seem at all noteworthy (and it’s really not), except that it’s the day before the Superbowl. The grocery store was a zoo. I spent almost half an hour in line at the deli (must have cheese!). The asshole in front of me, when it was his turn, was busy talking on his phone. Despite the fact that there were about 12 people behind him, he told the deli guy to wait while he finished his call. I just don’t understand how people can be that self-absorbed

And now, a gratuitous pig picture.

Piggy Bank

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