I thought I posted these here, but I guess not. The other morning, while I was in the shower, Harriet dragged the comforter off the bed, into the living room, and made herself a nest. Miss Brown is all about Teh Comfortables, but it was 5am and a little early for me to find it amusing.

Nest-making is something she does fairly regularly. Her most amazing nest was made from two brand spanking new bags of shaved pine cat litter. I thought for sure that cat litter would be of no interest to her, so I left them sitting beside the couch when I went to work. I came home to a mound of cat litter with a Boxer-shaped depression in the center. Again, not very amusing!

These are a few years old. Some things never change, though.


She’d dragged two blankets from a Rubbermaid tub in my bedroom into the studio, and built herself a cozy little nest in the middle of my studio floor. Not bad, considering she doesn’t have opposable thumbs.

Empty Nest

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