Waiting and Waiting and Waiting


I finally got around to going to the optometrist. It was use-your-tax-saver-benefit-money-or-lose-it time. And apparently I am not the only one who put it off until the last minute. I had a 3pm appointment, but there were a ton of walk-ins, so it took FOREVER. AND EVER. I found frames I liked and had everything figured so that it would use up pretty much the entire balance in my account, and then they slapped on a 30% discount. All that mental math (AAAIEEE!) for nothing. So now I STILL have about $100 that I need to spend. I may end up with the world’s largest Band-aid hoard.

Also, I bought a new sofa. That took only about 15 minutes, so it was relatively painless. They’re delivering it Monday. YAY! It’s not fancy, and it’s a little bit more traditional in style than I would’ve liked, but it’s really comfy and the price was right.

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