I spent the early morning scraping and scraping and scraping in the bathroom. And then the painters came, and they scraped some more. And now there’s drywall mud everywhere. They’re coming back on Monday to finish. Supposedly maintenance is going to replace my three interior doors (today, I thought, but I haven’t heard from them yet). After that, there will be no more peeling paint! I hope.

Also, there’s a new film/lens pack available form Hipstamatic, and it’s not crappy! In fact, I’m kind of in love with it. It’s geared toward food photography, but I like it as an overall combo. The photo above was taken in really crappy light bathroom, but it doesn’t have the harsh yellow/green tones that most of the other film/lens combos have under interior lighting. So, if you have an iPhone and use the Hipstamatic photo app, I’d recommend picking up the Foodie SnapPak.

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