Hey Asshole, Your Racism Is Showing

So. One of the maintenance guys was out back, picking up after the stray cats, so that the painter can finish painting the deck and fence. Apparently he didn’t like working around piles of cat shit, and who could blame him? The maintenance guy, that’s who. His exact words: “That little Messican always has something to complain about.” Um, wow. Unlike Mr. Maintenance, who was complaining to a TENANT about having to do his JOB. (And the painter is actually Ecuadoran and is taller than Mr. Maintenance, just for extra FAIL. Not to mention that he’s college educated and way over-qualified to be painting decks, but, you know, it’s a job.)

I am gobsmacked. And I wonder if it’s just because I’m white that Mr. Maintenance felt comfortable sharing his racist little rant, or if he’s totally oblivious to the fact that he’s a racist, or if I’ve ever done or said something that made him think I’d be sympathetic to his asshole beliefs.

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