Nothing Is Ever Easy

The maintenance folks came around today to inspect our fire extinguishers. I hadn’t been planning on staying home for it (you can just set your fire extinguisher outside your front door), but over the weekend the bathroom ceiling leaked AGAIN. So I called it in this morning. Then, while waiting for maintenance to show up to look at the leak, I tried to cook spaghetti squash. In the oven. Which was suddenly not working. The broiler was fine, but the lower element was not. We’ve been down this road before.

So the nice maintenance guy showed up, looked at the oven, declared the bottom element kaput, and went to get a new one. He came back, installed the new element, aaaaannnnd bupkis. I told him that the last time I’d had trouble with it, they’d replaced the lower element several times before realizing that it was burning out because there was a crossed wire. He opened up the back of the oven and sure enough, more burned out wires. *boggle* At this point, I think a sane management company would just replace the entire stove. They aren’t that expensive. But no, they fixed it. And by “fixed,” I mean it’s working right this minute but God only knows if it will tomorrow. Fun times!

Anyway, this is what a simple element replacement turned into:


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