Fridge Cleaning & Oven Catastrophes


I suddenly decided, at about 1am, that the fridge needed to be thoroughly cleaned. I have no idea what possessed me. Now I have a bunch of yucky food containers to wash. I also have bleachy spots on my kitchen rug, because I was too lazy to move it out of the way while I was washing out the fridge. Oopsie!

Before cleaning out the fridge yesterday, I tried to make roasted vegetables, since I had stuff I needed to use up (wrinkly potatoes and very tired carrots). Tried, I say, because my oven died. Again. This is what, the 4th or 5th time? I ended up dumping my half-roasted veggies into a crock pot, which was not at all what I wanted to do. I re-seasoned them and added some veggie broth, so now it’s soup. Or stew, or something like that. Whatever it is, it’s not roasted vegetables.

So now I have to decide if I should call the maintenance guys tomorrow and miss most of a day of work, babysitting them, or if I should wait until Friday, when I’m already off work. Waiting does not sound like fun, because as soon as you cannot bake anything, baked food is all you want to cook. On the other hand, I’d rather not miss work tomorrow.

And a total non sequitur: I can hear the wind blowing crunchy leaves around. I love fall.

And another one: I am kind of irritated that Criminal Minds is not available through On Demand. Nor is it available on the CBS website or Hulu. If you miss an episode, because your DVR is smoking crack, you are SOL. Thankfully, ION and A&E have been showing re-runs of the show, and I’ve managed to catch a few I’d missed.

(That pizza cutter? Came out of the dishwasher looking like that. It’s clean, but covered with water spots and dark, tarnished areas, from where tomato sauce sat on the blade. Time to buy a new box of Jet Dry.)

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