The Amazing Race

Just when I didn’t think I could loathe Lance any more, he surprises me. Last place is too good for him. During the “take apart two VCRs” challenge, he started using his bare hands, instead of a screw driver. He made some sort of ubermacho comment that that’s how men do things. No, that’s how meatheads do things, ya’ big asstrumpet. I was really hoping his team would be eliminated this time, if for no other reason than that they spent the whole time screaming at each other. Maybe next week?

And what the hell is wrong with Maria? During the park challenge, each team had to choose a concrete animal, put it on a dolly, and pull/push it through the park. Maybe it was just crafty editing, but every shot of Maria and Tiffany showed Tiffany pushing or pulling the dolly by herself while Maria pulled her rolly suitcase along. She did nothing to help her teammate. And then, during one of the interviews, Tiffany commented that the park challenge was really difficult, because they were an all-girl team. Um, no, that challenge was difficult because you were doing all the work yourself.

I’m still really liking Zev and Justin and the Harlem Globetrotter team.

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