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Big Brother rant ahoy!

Background for those who haven’t seen the show: A bunch of strangers are locked-down in a house, and they have to vote out one person each week. The last one standing wins. This week, Chima was Head of Household, so she nominated two people for eviction. Jeff was given the power to nullify those nominations and put up two people of his choosing. Chima got pissed off. Yes, I can understand being disappointed that your nominations weren’t going to stand, but if the tables were turned, she would have done the same thing as Jeff. It would have made no sense for Jeff not to use the power given to him. Not using it would have likely resulted in him being voted out of the house the following week, because Chima’s alliance was too large and strong. So Jeff did the smart thing and replaced Chima’s nominations with two people from Chima’s alliance. This resulted in St. Jesse the Bully being evicted. Good riddance!

Better than Jesse getting booted, though, was the wake that Jesse’s alliance threw for him after he left. As if the guy died! I laughed so hard that I gave myself asthma.

That is some damnfinegood television! They’re mourning a total douchebag and bully, someone who tried to stab all of them in the back at different times. I’m not sure which part is best.

  1. The weeping
  2. Chima saying “If it wouldn’t have been for [Jesse] I wouldn’t be here” (conveniently forgetting for a moment that Jesse put her up for eviction)
  3. Kevin’s eye rolling at the women’s pityfest
  4. The comment that “He was so grateful for being here”
  5. The comment that Jesse had “such a good spirit”
  6. The comment that he never said anything bad about anyone in the game
  7. The talk about how Jesse prayed for everyone all the time

And just let me say that Jordan seems about as sweet as can be. She reminds me of a friend from college who would be the first to admit that she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. In other ways, though, she’s brilliant, especially in her ability to read people. Funny as hell, too.

And o gross! I nearly choked when Lydia called Jesse “Mr. Pectacular.” That’s just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrongity-wrong, wrong, wrong.

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