Mr. Pleco

I got a plecostomus last summer, because algae was building up in my goldfish tank. He’s been a funny little fish. I noticed a few months ago that he was coming up to the surface and stealing the leftover floating pellets I give the other fish. The pellets end up along the edge of the tank, at the water line. Mr. Pleco hoists himself up, so his head is above the water line, then gets the pellet in his mouth and ever so carefully scoots down the glass. Because his mouth is on the bottom of his body, it can be tricky for him to keep the pellet from escaping and floating back to the surface. When that happens–and it does at least once every time–Mr. Pleco has to swim to the top of the tank and start all over again.

And now, Mr. Pleco has a new trick. Last night, at their bedtime feeding, I noticed that he was scooting around the tank upside down. He was actually lying on his back, hoovering goldfish flakes off the surface of the water. What a clever and resourceful little guy! I really should try to get video of it, because it’s a hoot.

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