Spring Cleaning: Phase 2


They are ugly, and they are plastered down one side with fruit stickers, but they are shelves, and they are up. More importantly, The Pile o’ Basquills that has been living in the middle of my studio floor for the past six months now has a home.

That may be it for me tonight. I’m going to watch TV and contemplate area rugs and alternative floor covering options. Joyce left a link to bamboo rugs in comments, which is funny, because I’d been remembering the rice mat carpet that some family friends had when I was a kid. Bamboo looks to be similar (better, actually, because it is more durable and comes in bright colors!). It’s also relatively cheap, so a definite option. I’m also thinking about one of those ubiquitous faux Oriental rugs. They’re kind of tacky, but might be fun and unexpected in a kitchen. If I can find one cheap enough, I won’t be too worried about spilling stuff on it, and any stains I create would be well hidden by the pattern.

Just on a whim, I looked at rag rugs and dhurrie rugs, and was surprised at how expensive they are for larger sizes. Not huge, mind you. My kitchen floor is about 5 x 7 feet. Rugs that size are not cheap!

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