Painting Project


I haven’t gotten anything accomplished this weekend, though I have been busy. I managed to put three coats of paint on an old child’s wardrobe I got from my mom, and it could probably stand a fourth, but that might be beyond my endurance. I’ve got another dresser that I’m going to paint the same color, as well as the dining room chairs. The chairs will also get new denim covers on their seats. The master plan is to put the wardrobe in the kitchen, so that I can put the microwave on it and free up some counter space. I also need to get some shelves that will fit in the kitchen closet, so that I can turn it into a real, live pantry. Right now, I’ve got open utility shelves–ass ugly ones, at that–in the kitchen, and I’m tired of looking at all my crap.

Between putting the aforementioned crap away and getting all the ugly furniture painted in similar colors (or just painted at all), I’m hoping it’ll start looking like I live here, instead of like I’m just here for an extended visit.

And now, I need to go fold laundry. I meant to wash the dog this weekend, but I don’t think that’s going to get done.

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