My studio/office is, if not exactly clean, then tidy. I’ve sorted and either put away or thrown away everything that was sitting out. There are still piles and stacks of stuff, but not as many, and the ones that are left are things I’m currently working on. Like, The Wall o’ Basquills.

I also managed to reduce the large stack of Post-Its to three back-to-back pieces. I don’t know why I take so many notes on Post-Its. A woman at work got huffy with me for “wasting” them on notes. WTF?! Um, what the hell else are they for? Granted, most of the notes I take on them don’t end up stuck to anything, but sometimes they do, and it’s nice to have the option of sticking-and-filing them away instead of having to rewrite everything on a proper piece of paper. And anyway, what difference does it make whether I write on a note pad or a Post-It?

And speaking of progress, I have finally managed to get all my files migrated to the new computer, my back-up drive cleaned up and re-formatted, and then everything copied back to that drive, just to be on the safe side. I expected compatibility problems with some of my software, since the new OS is 64 bit instead of 32. The only one, though, was my genealogy program. A) The author has packed up shop, and the program is no longer being distributed or supported (I don’t know if the unlock key will actually work if the program cannot contact the mother ship), and B) the program just plain won’t run on the new machine. Hrmf. So I’m going to have to come up with a Plan B. Unfortunately, most of the programs I’ve tried have done really unattractive things with some of the custom data fields. Not unexpected, but a total pain in the ass nonetheless.

Anyway, where the hell did my weekend go?! I’m not at all ready to go back to work tomorrow.

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