Sinks! In! Bags!

(Not entirely unlike pigs in blankets)

On and off, for about a year now, the end sink in the 3rd floor, west tower restroom has worn a trash bag. Occasionally, the bag is removed for a day or even a week or two, then, inevitably, a new bag is secured in its place.

About a week ago, I noticed that the bag on the end sink was floating on a pool of water. The sink was leaking, and the drain was clogged. I pulled the bag away, so the maintenance folks would notice that there was an issue, and the department secretary called in the problem. Later that day, on a subsequent trip to the restroom, I noticed that the bag had been resecured over the still-full sink. It seems as if the plumbing folks believe in magical cures.

This week, the next two sinks in the line are sporting brand new trash bags of their own. I haven’t a clue what–if anything–is wrong with them. The only functioning sink is the one at the far end, and by functioning, I mean there is scalding hot water a-plenty, but the cold water does not work..

I’m starting to wonder if it’s not some sort of wacky art installation. Considering that the art building is just across the parking lot, it’s entirely possible. Or, maybe the building maintenance crew are fucking with our heads.


And, as a bonus, here’s a shot of the wall to the left of the sinks. The tiles began bowing out about six months ago, and finally implodiated sometime last winter. I’m waiting for the tampon machine to fly off the wall and attack someone.


Also, is that not one of the ugliest bathrooms EVAR? And I actually like teal.

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