Another Crispy Saturday Morning



Another Crispy Saturday Morning

After days and days of rain, sleet, and snow, the sun came out to play yesterday. The sky this morning is hazy, but the sun is bright and sparkling. The frost was quickly burned away, leaving a muddy brown-green landscape behind. The dogs played for a couple of hours, chasing rabbit tracks and digging for moles. Harriet is still outside, sunbathing. Elliott came in to cool off and get a drink, and is now lying under my feet, sleeping the sleep of the well and truly tuckered out. Ah, puppy bliss.

The cats are enjoying the sun’s appearance, too. After making a pile of all the socks, washcloths, and various pieces of paper looted from my art trash bin, Pandora is sitting on her nest, basking in a sunbeam. I love the way she faces into the light, periodically squeezing her eyes half-shut.

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