Goodwill Haul

Goodwill Haul #thrifting #goodwill #books #vans

I went to both of our Goodwills today. I usually don’t go to the west side, but Michael’s is over there and I needed paper, so.

I found Vans instead of Chucks this time. OMGRED with little rainbows. Also the obligatory books, some pencils, a tackle box for watercolors, and hanging files. You can never have enough hanging files.

I also saw two different groups of old order Mennonites and a Buddhist monk. Everyone was out thrifting today!

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Goodwill Haul

Goodwill Haul #animalconfinementdevice #wecallitacrate #books #thrifting #goodwill

Test riding her $14.99 crate.  #crates #dogs #pitbulls #pitbullterriers #bullydogs #thrifting #goodwill #animalconfinementdevice #wecallitacrate

I got a stack of books, some clothes, and an XL dog crate today. With the Friday coupon and my store discount card, the total was $21.51.

The crate was filthy. I spent an hour scrubbing it with Pine Sol. Well worth the effort, though, considering the same crate is $150 at PetCo.

Also “animal confinement device.” I’m going to be laughing about that for days.



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I’m not a huge fan of pink, but I found a pair of bright pink Chucks at Goodwill. plus some books, two pairs of jeans, a picture frame, and some plain, shallow bowls. All for just over $20. Not a bad thrifting haul.

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Cats! In! Sinks!

Foolish human! A raised finger cannot stem the tide of eeevil.


Sweet, Sweet Lovin’ Soothes the Eeevil Beast

It must be time for Saturday cat-blogging.

I’ve never understood the attraction cats have for sinks, but over the years, several of the cats I’ve lived with have been sink sleepers. Rory, too. His favorite place to hang out–aside from his kitty condo–is the bathroom sink. It means that I often have to brush my teeth and wash my face and hands in the tub, but I’ve gotten used to it.

I couldn’t get a photo of him curled up, asleep, in the sink, which is unfortunate, because he seems so snug and comfortable. But, I did get a few of him being sweet and/or eeevil.


Rory’s tail isn’t in a weird position. He’s a bobtail, so that’s all there is of it. It isn’t usually as poofed out as it is in the first picture. He’d been rolling around in the sink, which gave him a little bit of static cling. I’m blaming the new cat food, which is seriously drying out his skin and coat. Petting him is a bit like petting a sparkler. Also note the Eeevil Glowy Eyes of DQQM in the middle picture. He is All Bad, All the Time, Bay-BEE!1!! Except when he’s groovin’ on the sweet, sweet lovin’, and even then, Teh Eeevil is lurking, ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. Mostly, though, he’s just a damnfine cat and a total riot to live with.

In other news, I stopped by the Backstreet Mission[1] on my way home from work the other day. I picked up quite a few books to use for arting, including some ’70s vintage world and US history text books for high school and middle school, a 1939 algebra text book, a high school world cultures text book (again, from the 1970s), the Better Homes and Gardens Baby Book (1943 ed., which is chock-a-block with great illustrations and photos), the Better Homes and Gardens Family Medical Guide (1964 ed., again, with the groovy illustrations and photos), and a 1931 US history text. Most of these will be used for my new altered book project, which I intend to get started on this weekend.

[1] I’m a big fan of shopping at thrift stores. Not only can you find lots of cool junk at cheap prices (something that anyone who makes art with recycled junk should appreciate), but the money generally goes to the folks who need it the most. The Backstreet Mission does a lot of really good things for folks in the community, and I like being able to support them whenever I can.