Lazy Saturday

Northern Sky Before Sunset

It feels like I’ve done a whole lot of nothing today, but I cleaned the house, did laundry, and sliced nine food dryer trays of pears. Then I laid on the couch for awhile and flipped back and forth between Dinosaur and Silence of the Lambs. I couldn’t make up my mind between Disney and serial killers, so I watched both. Until I fell asleep, that is. If it weren’t for my neighbor’s shrieking Chihuahua, I’d probably still be happily napping.

Oh well.

I still have to run to the grocery store, for a new batch of pears, eggs, rice, and something I can’t remember. I’m cat sitting again this weekend, so I’m going to wait until I do the evening feeding, so I can combine trips.

It’s starting to get dark, actually, so I think it might be time to think about heading out.